Health Risks of Smoking Cigarettes: Cancer, Emphysema Gastritis, Fertility Problems

It’s well-known fact that smoking badly affects human body. But most of the smokers stick to their habits and continue smoking despite of the fact that they risk to shorten the life of a couple of years. They all believe that this problem has nothing in common with them. When you are young and absolutely healthy nothing bothers you. But smoking is a mechanism that triggers self-destruction of your human organism.

Have you ever thought about what cigarette smoke consists of? Most of it is just a dust. So, each smoker makes the filter for dust of his lungs. It’s hard to believe but 800 grams of tar passes through the lungs of smoker for a year. There a several thousands of chemical substances in a cigarette smoke. Some of them can cause serious diseases such as cancer or emphysema.

Stop smoking

Stop smoking

One of the strongest affect of smoking is damaging heart and blood vessels. Nicotine is the main active substance in cigarette smoke. This substance has strong and bad influence on sympathicus. It leads to exceeded functioning of endocrine glands. Nicotine also has a strong impact on blood arteries, namely narrows them. With the help of these arteries the heart, kidneys and liver is supplied with blood. Stress is one of the most popular reasons to light a cigarette. Unfortunately, they can’t even imagine that smoking doesn’t help to cope with stress. Moreover, it makes it worse.

One more nicotine impact on human body is a fatty degeneration of heart muscle.

Blood coagulation processes are also strongly affected with nicotine. This is how a smoker increases the risk of thrombosis which can lead to thromboembolism.

Have you ever noticed that smoker’s teeth have plaque and unpleasant dark color? It is also explained by negative effect of nicotine, which causes a lot of diseases of the mouth. That’s why a lot of smokers have high risk of caries. Some of them have cancer of the oral cavity.

Cigarette smoke also contains carbon monoxide. This substance causes atherosclerosis.

Cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke

Smoker often complain on blurred vision. It also causes gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system.

Despite of all these facts, smoking is still very popular habit in our society. And it’s not surprising, as wide range of cheap cigarettes is represented in online stores today. So any smoker can order any cigarettes he like for the lowest price.

All of these health problems pale in the face of this terrible incurable disease like cancer. Almost all the cancer patients have to deal with cancer.
So if you want to live long and happy life you need to think about your future today. No one wants to die, so now the time to start thinking has come.


Find USA Hospitals, Help for Mosquito Bites

Once I’ve took my nephew Pete to go with us to Florida for a short vacation. I live near the lake, so mosquitoes in summer is something must-be in my home area. I and my family got used to that bugs and when bitten we do not have any problems – the bites are not painful, no allergic reactions, etc. But when after picnic outside I started washing Pete, I was shocked! His back and legs were covered with huge reddish pimples, he felt terrible itching and couldn’t stop scratching that rash. The red bumps became bigger and bigger, I realized that it was severe allergic reaction, his temperature was high.

I started to think where I could find hospitals in that location to help my poor nephew. He was only four years old, so this should be a pediatric hospital with allergologist and dermatologist. Of course we all were nervous, but my husband offered the right solution – to use Internet, there should be some resources like this one, with big database of hospitals in America. I really appreciate this service for giving me all information I needed to help my little nephew quickly. He felt worse and worse, had even fever due to a lot of bites. That was my fault that I didn’t got any repellents, I just didn’t thought that Pete could have such reaction on bites.

I just googled for hospitals in San Diego and got here. Thank God there were a couple of hospitals for children in a few miles from our villa. We contacted them, and one agreed to take us immediately. I explained the symptoms by phone, the doctor’s assistant said what to do and what not to do until we get to the hospital. So, I was calmed down a little, as a real professional gave some first-need recommendations. This was one of the biggest hospitals in Florida with all we needed. I really think that such services can help, when you are in some unknown location, have no specialists and can do nothing with the problem occurred suddenly, like it was with Pete. This little boy really needed help, and I could do nothing except find hospitals for the poor child.

I am completely satisfied with this service. I was provided the full range of hospitals in Florida, all phone numbers were real. It took me a few minutes to find the suitable department and arrange a consultation with pediatric specialists. I don’t know how it would be without this website. My emergency case required immediate actions – and this resource of hospitals in America was a rescue for my nephew!


Sawyer SP657 Permethrin Premium Insect Clothing Repellent 24-Ounce Spray review

Product Description:

This multipurpose product not only repels insects, but also makes you free of mosquitoes, mites, ticks and more than 50 other species of insects. Sawyer Permethrin Insect Clothing Repellent Spray is intended for applying on clothes instead on skin that provides your body with minimum contact with repelling chemicals. It can be used on clothing or tents, depending on your needs. One application provides protection up to 6 washings. After being sprayed on the surface, Permethrin dries, bonding with fabric fibres tightly. It has no smell when dry.

Permethrin has ‘spatial repellence’ action on mosquitoes. The insects may fly around you, but they won’t sit on your clothes or other surfaces covered with Permethrin. In such a way people are protected from bites. It is recommended to intensify protection by using EPA-licensed repellent called Sawyer Microencapsulated Controlled Release 20% DEET applying it on unprotected skin. The joint use of Permethrin and DEET-containing skin repellent creates ‘Insect Repellent System’, maximally efficient for fighting blood sucking insects. If to use it properly, according to EPA registered labels, you are able to get maximum of use from Insect Repellent System, totally protecting yourself from bites. Biting insects are dangerous not only for allergic reactions on their bites, but also for their ability to carry various diseases.

Sawyer SP657 Permethrin Premium Insect Clothing Repellent Spray review

Sawyer SP657 Permethrin Premium Insect Clothing Repellent Spray review

The effectiveness of Insect Repellent System was proved by the results of research made by Carl Schreck, Tom Lillie and A.J. Rahe in 1987 (Alaska): at the rate of 1,100/hr and more the system showed its 99.9% effectiveness. This is the best protection level ever achieved by any insect repellents or traps.

Product Features:

  • Packaging: 24 oz trigger spray
  • Bestseller on Amazon!
  • For applying on clothing, tents or other outdoor gear for repelling blood sucking insects
  • One application is enough for 6 clothing washings
  • Doesn’t smell or leave stains
  • Is not allowed for sale in Catalina Island
  • Effective against more than 50 insect species besides ticks, mites, mosquitoes.

Customer Reviews:

This thing really works fine, fighting mosquitoes and mites even in wildlife conditions. Be careful when applying it on clothes: it is very important to avoid contact with skin as well as breathing it when spraying on any surface. It has a serious toxic effect on cats. I don’t know about other animals, as I have only a cat. Be careful when using it near animals, just keep them away from this repellent. When it is dried, it’s OK, it is practically non-toxic for animals and people, however toxic enough for insects. I am fully satisfied with how it protects me from bites when I go hiking or fishing. If to use it properly, no problems may occur. (Fred Thompson)

This product is a big help for me, as I spend a lot of time in wild woods taking care of animals in reservation. It is easy to use and very convenient, as the clothes repels insects even after a few washes. I’ve tried a few repellents, and this one is 100% winner! (Martin Soul)

Sawyer Permethrin Insect Clothing Repellent Spray on Amazon!


Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap reviews

Product Description:

It is possible to stay outside and not to hear noisy mosquitoes around – Mosquito Magnet Patriot will make your outdoor fun free of these biting insects! All you need to do is just switch it on and enjoy wonderful time outside. This mosquito trap covers 1 acre of area, cleaning it from mosquitoes.

The principle of Magnet Patriot action is build on the natural behaviour of mosquitoes. They are attracted to people by carbon dioxide (CO2) they emit. When they feel the source of CO2 in close location, they fly on it. Then some short-range attractants like body scent to determine the person to bite. For these insects Magnet Patriot seems as a big mammal due to special Counterflow Technology implemented in this device. The trap emits the amount of CO” typical for people, together with moisture and heat to resemble natural people’s presence. Additional attractant such as Lurex3 or Octenol intensify attraction, luring the insects right into the trap. After they are vacuumed in it, they die in 24 hours due to dehydration.

Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap reviews

Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap reviews

The choice of what exactly attractant is better depends on location. Lurex3 is better for Asian Tiger Mosquitoes that are typical for southern US regions, while Octenol is used for common mosquitoes that are widespread in the rest of the USA.

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Mosquito Trap reviews

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Mosquito Trap reviews

If to place Mosquito Magnet Patriot upwind, the majority of insects will be caught by it, so the chances that you will be bitten significantly reduce. Now their target is not you, but the trap, as its attractants are stronger than yours. The trap is made of durable plastic, wear-resistant kinds of metal, so it is suitable for using at any kind of environment. Thanks to long 50 foot power cord you can place the Magnet far from your family area, keeping it at safe distance from children. Even if you are not going to spend the time outdoors, it is recommended to run the trap round the clock, to stop mosquitoes’ breeding cycle.

Product Features:

  • The most popular trap for North America!
  • Best seller on Amazon!!
  • Suitable for big yard up to 1 acre
  • Effective against mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums and other biting bugs
  • Features Counterflow Technology for attracting insects, emitting heat, moisture and CO2 to mislead the insects and keep them away from people
  • Produces no noise and has no odours
  • Easy assembling in 3 steps
  • Suitable for any weather conditions
  • Sled Base for stable standing
  • 1 year warranty
  • No propane tank in package
  • The package includes Magnet MM4100 Patriot mosquito trap, user manual, CD-ROM (with detailed get started manual), Octenol attractant, lawn clips, net, schedule of maintenance.

Customer Reviews:

I’ve got this trap two months ago preparing for summer, and found it very useful for my backyard. I can’t tell it kills all bugs around, there is still a chance that a few mosquitoes will fly to their real target, people. So some additional repellent is needed. But the Magnet trap considerably reduces the population of bites, especially after a few days of use. You will notice that there became much less mosquitoes in your outdoor area. (Jack Moor)

Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap on Amazon!


Fly Web Fly Trap review, Fly Web Pest Control

Product Description

For over eighty years now, Gardner has been a pioneer in the manufacture of insect light traps for both industrial and commercial
applications. The same efficient insect control technology is currently available for places like bars, as well as the homeowners.

For those who are already tired of annoying flying insects: the FlyWeb insect light was specifically developed for use indoors in both
residential and commercial locations. The device features compact size and direct plug-in, which allows it to be located in any outlet.
This insect light has an insect attracting lamp which lures them to the glueboard. When the adhesive trapping board is full of insects,
all you need to do is to remove, discard and replace it with a new one.

The device is able to lure and capture lots of flying insects, including house flies, fruit flies, face flies, bottle flies, mosquitoes,
moth flies, asian beetles, yellow jackets and many other insects. This light trap is actually attracting flying insects by its
energy-efficient UV light, after which the insects are trapped on the web-like adhesive glue card.

Now everyone can easily plug in this device and trap annoying insects wherever you are – in the kitchen, cafeteria, or motorcoach. The FlyWeb is very compact (3.5*11 inches), and uses a standard 110V plug-in, which is compatible with any outlet. In order to activate the sticking power of the glue card, you need to peel away the protective plastic film and insert the card into the inside slot at the back of the device fixture. Once the card is full, replace it with a fresh card.

 Fly Web Fly Trap reviews

Fly Web Fly Trap reviews

Product Features:

  • easily traps house flies and fruit flies
  • makes no mess
  • user-friendly and efficient
  • uses replaceable glue pads
  • compact

Customer Reviews for FlyWeb Fly Trap

“I’ve two of these devices, one placed in a dark hallway next to an exterior door, and another in the kitchen. The latter does its job
mostly at night, while the former is quite bright in the daytime. In addition, both of them do double-duty at night as night lights.

This thing appeared to be very handy! When taking a closer look at it, it turns out that the web catches lots of pesky little gnats,
fruit flies, and other insects I never even knew I had. I only want to remind the other users that when the sticky board is all covered
with “catches”, you shouldn’t wait to change it.

In addition, since the web uses UV light to attract the insects, it’s better not to be placed in a brightly lit area, and you also need
to replace the light bulb at the start of the season, because its UV output tends to diminish over time, even if it is still lit. Currently I’m thinking of buying another lamp for my garage”.

Best seller FlyWeb Fly Trap on Amazon!


Coleman Insect Head Net review

Product Description

This handy insect head net has dimensions of 3.8*5.9*0.8’’ and is provided with 1-year warranty.

Coleman Insect Head Net reviews

Coleman Insect Head Net reviews

Customer Reviews:

“I bought this net to use it while hiking in the place full of marsh mosquitoes: people said they were arguably the worst in the United States if not the northern hemisphere. However, the net worked like a charm! Besides, it was quite comfortable when wearing for a long time”. (H.J.)

The one I received is a brighter green color and has 2 hoops of wire that hold it open.
I wanted something that packed down small like the photo seems to depict. No way with this thing. But I suppose it would keep the skeeters off you, hence I still gave it a 3. (Merlin)

Amazon bestseller - Coleman Insect Head Net


ThermaCELL MR-9C Mini Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent Lantern reviews

Product Description

ThermaCELL offers compact and effective solution to fight mosquitoes in any type of outdoor environment. It can be used everywhere, including the places without electricity. This cordless portable lantern, ThermaCELL MR-9C is heated by butane cartridge, making a repelling mat emitting odourless synthetic repellent that is safe for people and doesn’t spook animals. Such invisible repelling effect is perfect for the full range of outdoor activities, starting from barbeques and finishing with camping, hunting and fishing. The US Department of Defense has approved the effectiveness of ThermaCELL MR-9C unit – it makes 98% of biting insects disappear!

ThermaCELL MR-9C Mini Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent Lantern

ThermaCELL MR-9C reviews

Product Features:

  • 15 ft area of action: no mosquitoes in 15 x 15 ft zone
  • Effective for mosquitoes, no-see-ums and black flies
  • 98% effectiveness
  • Compact and portable cordless solution for outdoor use
  • Easily carried in hands
  • No need to apply to the skin
  • No odour
  • 100% safe: heating without open flame or electricity

Customer Reviews

I took it from my husband’s hunting kit. He always took this ThermaCell lantern when went hunting to the woods, and I heard it helped. This was a summer night, when we needed to arrange an outdoor party for our sons. We live in swamp area that is always full of different bugs, especially in warm season. It is a great place to live in but these insects can spoil everything! Mosquitoes, gnats and tons of other bugs fly around all night long.

When I went outdoors to see my children playing or just to drink a tea, I felt myself like a feeding rack for biting bugs. It was impossible to get rid of them, even when I applied repelling cream on skin, they found the place free of it and bited. I’ve tried lots of products offered on the market and couldn’t find that helped me outdoors. I felt great relief when finally found this product from ThermaCell brand. It helps to get rid of mosquitoes, to clear my backyard perimeter from any biting bugs! I have approximately 10 – 12 ft space. It is far easier to bear than all those citronella candles that have the smell I hate. ThermaCell is unnoticeable when working – no smell, no sound, no danger. My dogs also have no any reaction on it, however we had problems with other repelling items in the past.

My husband chose it for hunting just because it doesn’t influence on the prey – animals don’t recognize this repellent, so no prey will be scared away. No I advise it to all my friends, even bought these lanterns as presents for some of them. It is an excellent present for people who like outdoor activities. We also tested it during our camping vacation. No mosquitoes all week long! It doesn’t give light as a real lantern, but as a repelling item it works perfectly! (Kathleen Reed)

We spend summer in the country cottage near the lake. There are always thousands of bugs around the house, as the lake is near and it is little swampy space. Over a few years of unsuccessful attempts to get rid of mosquitoes I was really happy to find this lantern from ThermaCELL MR 9C. It is the only product that completely removes mosquitoes. It fully justifies its price! (Pete McCarthy)

ThermaCELL MR-9C Mini Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent Lantern on Amazon!


ThermaCELL R-4 Mosquito Repellent Refill review

ThermaCELL R-4 Mosquito Repellent Refill packages are now available for sale!

ThermoCell R-4 mosquito repellent refill

ThermoCell R-4 mosquito repellent refill

ThermaCELL R-4 product description

ThermaCELL offers an excellent range of cordless mosquito repellent lanterns for outdoor use that provide protection from biting insects with the help of repellent pats heated by butane cartridges. The Refill Value Pack contains spare butane cartridges and repellent mats for lantern recharge. This is a convenient solution for providing complete protection from mosquitoes when spending time outdoors for barbeques or when hiking. High repelling effectiveness of ThermaCELL package allows using over a long period of time in any outdoor conditions. The only thing you need is to change cartridges and mats on time.

ThermaCELL repellent mats feature Allethrin. This active ingredient is similar to Pyrethrin, a natural insecticide. Being synthetic, Allethrin doesn’t cause allergic reactions and can be safely used for a long time. ThermaCELL mats can be used for a few times with total duration of use up to 4 hours. When it becomes white, just change the mat to a new one. It is recommended to store repelling units in a dry place secured from sunlight. In such a way it can be stored for weeks.

Product Features

  • 98% protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects!!!

  • There are 4 Butane Cartridges and 12 Insect Repellent Mats
  • Each Butane Cartridge contains 0.73 fl oz of butane, the action lasts up to 12 hours
  • Each Insect Repellent Mat weights 0.08 fl oz, containing 21.97% of allethrin.
  • Suitable for all ThermaCELL repellent models
  • Long retention cycle

Customer Reviews

I am got tired of all those new gadgets and repellents that appear on the market and promise to be 100% effective and safe. That’s why I usually do not try advertisements, just take something new and test it in the woods. I like hiking and hunting, in Canada there are lots of places for this, and the only thing that annoys me is the bugs. There are a lot of them in spring and summer time! It’s impossible to concentrate on any process when a hundred of bugs are buzzing around and biting you in all possible places. It’s impossible even to protect the skin– the bugs reach skin easily even through the clothes. When you start moving to slap those insects or just to scare them away, hunting is completely spoilt. I went to a new hunting venue at the end of the spring and had my new ThermaCell in the backpack. There was completely unbearable to stay there at night, so I fired it up and was amazed by the result it made! It took about a couple of minutes for all bugs around to disappear. There were no mosquitoes around for about 4 hours, just like it is said in the description to ThermaCell. My buddies were impressed in the same way – we all thought our dream will never come true. Now I stopped on using ThermaCell, finally I found the repellent that really works in the woods.

(Nick Jacobs)

Easy to recharge, a set of spare mats and cartridges – I use them on a few ThermaCell units when we spend evenings outdoor having bbq or dinner. That works fine for us. It’s fairly the best thing I ever tried!

(Ted Miles)


Potassium Iodide, Radiation protection

Potassium Iodide pills

Potassium Iodide pills

Potassium iodide is actually a form of salt which is added to regular table salt in order to protect you against goiter – a thyroid gland swelling, in most cases caused by iodine deficiency. Recent researches revealed that iodized salt turned out to be also effective in preventing mental retardation along with brain damage. In our nuclear age, it has particularly gained usefulness, because it can protect you against radiation poisoning.

Despite the fact that iodine is of primary importance to thyroid health, as well as brain development, unfortunately human body can’t produce it internally. This means that good sources of dietary iodine are very important, while lack of iodine is close to catastrophic.

Currently about 40% of the world’s population is at risk for iodine deficiency, but luckily enough, the problem is less common in the US, because over 90% of population receive sufficient amounts. However, if you think that your diet is lacking iodine, use iodized salt and consume such foods as dairy products, eggs and shellfish, because they are also rich in iodine. In case you experience some other health problems removing salt as an option, you may choose to eat other iodine-rich foods.

In addition, in case of a nuclear or radiological event, contamination may happen as radioactive iodine created by nuclear processes. You can inhale the latter from the air or ingest it in contaminated food or water. Radioactive iodine can be absorbed by the thyroid gland very fast. Here potassium iodide fights against such process and is known as a “stable” salt of iodine, which means that it lacks any radioactive properties, while being quickly absorbed by the thyroid. In other words, if you take potassium iodide properly and in time, it can essentially prevent radioactive iodine from accessing the thyroid and damage it with radiation. Although this protection is neither complete nor permanent, it can still be life-saving in an emergency.

The Centers for Disease Control and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have developed some guidelines for correct use of potassium iodide. First of all, table salt can’t provide enough radiation protection, since it contains just trace amounts of the salt. Meanwhile, concentrated doses of potassium iodide are needed for satisfactory result. Fortunately, it is available over the counter at nearly any pharmacy, but it is not recommended that you take it as a regular preventive measure. The matter is that it’s only effective for short periods of time, which means that taking it regularly or in high doses can be dangerous for your health. When a serious event happens, emergency preparedness officials will announce that you should use potassium iodide. But unless it happens, please leave your supply stored away.

You should also understand that even these temporary advantages of potassium iodide will only protect thyroid gland, but not the rest of your body. Nor it is able to reverse thyroid damage after it has already occurred. If an emergency occurred, you should make sure to follow all instructions properly in order to safeguard your health.

Finally, not everyone should take potassium iodide, because some conditions make its use unsuitable – for example, iodine allergies and a number of skin disorders. In addition, recommended dosages are different for those who can tolerate the concentrated salt. You are highly recommended to consult your physician or local emergency preparedness agency for detailed guidelines.

Read more about Potassium Iodide.


Mosquito treatment, Alternative mosquito treatment

Mosquito treatment

Mosquito treatment

Multiple mosquito bites, mosquitoes, horseflies, gadflies and other small insects are also dangerous to humans, especially for those who are allergic to their stings. By the bite of these insects appears a brief pain, itching, and then a little red skin. If you have been bited, you’ll need mosquito treatment. Especially if sensitivity of man to mosquitoes can emerge in the form of allergic red rash. When a mosquito bite you should use mosquito treatment: first aid are practically the same as that of a bee sting, bees and wasps. Consider them.

Mosquito treatment: first aid

First, you must refrain from rubbing your skin at the site of the bite, even if you really want. I want to remind that child also should be warned not to bite combed to redness, as it will lead to more itching and healing of long-term.

Secondly, put the bite on a gauze bandage soaked with ammonia or vodka.

Attention! If you are bitten by anopheles mosquito, immediately contact the infectious diseases hospital for help – you need mosquito treatment! It is very easy to distinguish from ordinary mosquito : body mosquito sitting on any surface, is located at an angle to it, while an ordinary mosquito body at rest is located paralellno about the same surface. Among other distinctive features of the malarial mosquito – longer legs and dark spots on its wings.

Alternative mosquito treatment

Alternative mosquito treatment advises: If you are unable to remove the sting from the wound and began to fester to the warming (!) Compress of alcohol or vodka, or to make a gauze bandage to the bite of a cotton, swab soaked in carbolic oil.

If you delete an entire sting, but there are some remained itching and swelling, it must be applied to sore spot cotton swab moistened with the juice of garlic. Garlic relieves pain and swelling.

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