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About My Blog

I am happy to welcome you on my personal blog pages dedicated to the problem of mosquitoes and other bloodsucking insects. My name is Jacob Anderson, I live in Edmonton, Canada. The hobby of my life is taking rest in risky hikes around the places of wild nature. During my trips I always faced with one annoying irritant – mosquitoes that can turn any fantastic journey into a hell.

During more than 25 years I carried out experiments of how to fight bloodsucking insects in natural conditions, without any creams and anti-bite sprays. And now I want to share my experience with you, my readers, who also can’t remain calm when all these bugs are buzzing around trying to smack your blood.

Maybe it seems a little weird – what new can I tell about fighting mosquitoes when today’s market is overflowed with chemical repellents that provide stable protection from mosquito bites. Using them, you need to understand that their synthetic ingredients can accumulate in your body and cause various irreversible disorders. I offer alternative way of fighting mosquitoes – using natural herbs. I will tell you how people coped with them long time ago, when there were no chemicals and they used natural herbs and irritants that made people unattractive for mosquitoes.

My grandfather told me these recipes. He was a forest ranger who studied how insects act in the wild nature and how man can use their habits to fight them. I deepened and amplified this knowledge by my own findings that I would like to share with you.

I am a university lecturer, a geologist. During numerous expeditions around the Earth I was able to study how mosquitoes react on people, what irritants usually attract them and how to minimize this attractiveness with the help of improvised means.

I am 43 years old, have a big family: my beloved wife and three boys – three, five and nine years old. All of us refused from chemical repellents in favor of hand-made herbal sprays and ointments to fight mosquitoes. I know which herbs are better for children, how to make them of simple garden plants, which forest plants to use during walking tour.

All this and a lot of other interesting information you can read in my blog. I will constantly update it, sharing more and more useful recipes for fighting bloodsucking parasites, hoping they will make your life a little better! Spend more time outdoors, travel around the world with no fear to be bitten!

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  1. Roger Berner

    You have a good site, I see you have worked pretty hard on it..
    However I would like to share some info with you that I have found.

    There was a study done in a lab. about repellents. Two things they found that has been thought of as being a repellent for mosquitos were B-1 and garlic. They found in a couple studies at universitys that neither of these had any affect what so ever on repelling mosquitos. You can google it.

    I can attest that garlic doesn’t work. I took several garlic tablets a day for a couple weeks along with eating a lot of garlic to the point where people said I stunk of garlic and the skeeters kept on coming just as before. If there are any around they will find me. I also tried B-1 and it had no affect for me.

    Just a note to maybe make you site better..


  2. admin

    Hi, Roger!

    Thanks a lot for your information, very interesting!

  3. Leona Gardeccki

    Where can I purchase this?

    1. admin

      You can buy these products at any online store.

      For example in the online store Amazon.com

      Here, a large selection, low prices, fast delivery.

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