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ThermaCELL R-4 Mosquito Repellent Refill review

ThermaCELL R-4 Mosquito Repellent Refill packages are now available for sale!

ThermoCell R-4 mosquito repellent refill

ThermoCell R-4 mosquito repellent refill

ThermaCELL R-4 product description

ThermaCELL offers an excellent range of cordless mosquito repellent lanterns for outdoor use that provide protection from biting insects with the help of repellent pats heated by butane cartridges. The Refill Value Pack contains spare butane cartridges and repellent mats for lantern recharge. This is a convenient solution for providing complete protection from mosquitoes when spending time outdoors for barbeques or when hiking. High repelling effectiveness of ThermaCELL package allows using over a long period of time in any outdoor conditions. The only thing you need is to change cartridges and mats on time.

ThermaCELL repellent mats feature Allethrin. This active ingredient is similar to Pyrethrin, a natural insecticide. Being synthetic, Allethrin doesn’t cause allergic reactions and can be safely used for a long time. ThermaCELL mats can be used for a few times with total duration of use up to 4 hours. When it becomes white, just change the mat to a new one. It is recommended to store repelling units in a dry place secured from sunlight. In such a way it can be stored for weeks.

Product Features

  • 98% protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects!!!

  • There are 4 Butane Cartridges and 12 Insect Repellent Mats
  • Each Butane Cartridge contains 0.73 fl oz of butane, the action lasts up to 12 hours
  • Each Insect Repellent Mat weights 0.08 fl oz, containing 21.97% of allethrin.
  • Suitable for all ThermaCELL repellent models
  • Long retention cycle

Customer Reviews

I am got tired of all those new gadgets and repellents that appear on the market and promise to be 100% effective and safe. That’s why I usually do not try advertisements, just take something new and test it in the woods. I like hiking and hunting, in Canada there are lots of places for this, and the only thing that annoys me is the bugs. There are a lot of them in spring and summer time! It’s impossible to concentrate on any process when a hundred of bugs are buzzing around and biting you in all possible places. It’s impossible even to protect the skin– the bugs reach skin easily even through the clothes. When you start moving to slap those insects or just to scare them away, hunting is completely spoilt. I went to a new hunting venue at the end of the spring and had my new ThermaCell in the backpack. There was completely unbearable to stay there at night, so I fired it up and was amazed by the result it made! It took about a couple of minutes for all bugs around to disappear. There were no mosquitoes around for about 4 hours, just like it is said in the description to ThermaCell. My buddies were impressed in the same way – we all thought our dream will never come true. Now I stopped on using ThermaCell, finally I found the repellent that really works in the woods.

(Nick Jacobs)

Easy to recharge, a set of spare mats and cartridges – I use them on a few ThermaCell units when we spend evenings outdoor having bbq or dinner. That works fine for us. It’s fairly the best thing I ever tried!

(Ted Miles)