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Health Risks of Smoking Cigarettes: Cancer, Emphysema Gastritis, Fertility Problems

It’s well-known fact that smoking badly affects human body. But most of the smokers stick to their habits and continue smoking despite of the fact that they risk to shorten the life of a couple of years. They all believe that this problem has nothing in common with them. When you are young and absolutely healthy nothing bothers you. But smoking is a mechanism that triggers self-destruction of your human organism.

Have you ever thought about what cigarette smoke consists of? Most of it is just a dust. So, each smoker makes the filter for dust of his lungs. It’s hard to believe but 800 grams of tar passes through the lungs of smoker for a year. There a several thousands of chemical substances in a cigarette smoke. Some of them can cause serious diseases such as cancer or emphysema.

Stop smoking

Stop smoking

One of the strongest affect of smoking is damaging heart and blood vessels. Nicotine is the main active substance in cigarette smoke. This substance has strong and bad influence on sympathicus. It leads to exceeded functioning of endocrine glands. Nicotine also has a strong impact on blood arteries, namely narrows them. With the help of these arteries the heart, kidneys and liver is supplied with blood. Stress is one of the most popular reasons to light a cigarette. Unfortunately, they can’t even imagine that smoking doesn’t help to cope with stress. Moreover, it makes it worse.

One more nicotine impact on human body is a fatty degeneration of heart muscle.

Blood coagulation processes are also strongly affected with nicotine. This is how a smoker increases the risk of thrombosis which can lead to thromboembolism.

Have you ever noticed that smoker’s teeth have plaque and unpleasant dark color? It is also explained by negative effect of nicotine, which causes a lot of diseases of the mouth. That’s why a lot of smokers have high risk of caries. Some of them have cancer of the oral cavity.

Cigarette smoke also contains carbon monoxide. This substance causes atherosclerosis.

Cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke

Smoker often complain on blurred vision. It also causes gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system.

Despite of all these facts, smoking is still very popular habit in our society. And it’s not surprising, as wide range of cheap cigarettes is represented in online stores today. So any smoker can order any cigarettes he like for the lowest price.

All of these health problems pale in the face of this terrible incurable disease like cancer. Almost all the cancer patients have to deal with cancer.
So if you want to live long and happy life you need to think about your future today. No one wants to die, so now the time to start thinking has come.