Instruction to Electric Bug Zapper

Bug zapper

Electronic bug zapper

When the bugs are feeling very hungry, people feel very annoyed, because mosquitoes are able to quickly turn a late afternoon get-together into a cacophony of yelps and gesticulating arms. Here comes the time to use the bug zapper, but to use it wisely, because if you position it too close to people, you will actually cause more harm than good. Below are some recommendations on how to use an electric bug zapper properly.

First of all, it has been discovered recently by Kansas State University researchers that miniscule parts of a flying bug destroyed by an electric bug zapper can easily shower down on the crowd standing up to 7 feet away from the zapper. Secondly, lots of people mistakenly believe that placing the zapper closer to the crowd will kill the insects attacking the guests, which is wrong. The reality is that the insects are attracted, not deterred from the glowing light of the device, which means that the mosquitoes are invited to approach the picnic attendees. After coming closer, they would more likely choose to feast on fresh meat rather than to get interested by the blue light.

Taking into account both those problems, you will come to a conclusion that the best position for the electric bug zapper is about 12 feet away from people, particularly if you have a food preparation area outdoors or kids playing outside. After choosing the right place, you will be able to set up the device anywhere you want if you use a shepard’s hook, which is the metallic hooked pole usually used for displaying hanging baskets. All you need to do is place the hook in the chosen location and hang the trapper on the hooked end. You will also need to run an outdoor extension cord to the device in order to power it up. Don’t forget to inform all the guests and their kids about the cord and to watch out for it.

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