Home-brewed Insecticide: Eucalyptus, Lemon Balm, Garlic.

Because diethyl(meta)toluamide is bad done.

I think that Nature always tries to get me. I’m a leucoderm and because of that I burn easily in the sun rays. Summer catarrh destroys my eyes and nose. And also mosquitoes love to suck my blood too much. I don’t use sun blocking cream or other types of anti-allergic medicines and such mosquito repellents like diethyl(meta)toluamide because of which my skin crawls and because of the mosquitoes my skin itches.

For me not only the smell of diethyl(meta)toluamide is nasty, but I can’t accept applying this unsafe preparation to my skin. I’ve decided to do an insecticide with my own hands to get rid of these nasty bloodsuckers.

Below there are several options for preparing home-brewed insecticides, and each of them helped me to get rid of the mosquito bites in past.

1. Eucalyptus. The majority of people don’t have a eucalyptus tree planted in their orchard, but many relative have in their medicine cabinets some type of eucalyptus oil, distilled from the leaves of the tree. Some ounces of the drastic oil, able to create a home-brewed insecticide solution can be acquired at many drugstores for price of about $5. Use a spray bot and warm water, mix with 1 ounce of oil with every six ounces of warm water. Before each spraying you must shake the mixture and to protect your eyes (just like you do with any kind of selling chemical spray). This kind of home-brewed insecticide has a medicinal scent, but this scent is not so unpleasant like a smell of a diethyl(meta)toluamide (DEET).

2. Lemon Balm. It is an another essence which is available at the pharmacy. Lemon Balm can be mixed with water in a spray bot as was described above in order to create a home-brewed insecticide, but I advise a much more concentrated solution (2 ounces of volatile oil for one ounce of water). In any case the Lemon Balm plant (Melissa officinalis) is a widespread plant in North America and if you put this fresh plant in your kitchen tear off a handful of leaves and make a decoction in hot water. You must cool the mix and then flood a spray bot with it.

NOTE: I recommend to combine eucalyptus oil and bee balm to create sweet-smelling (and very effective) home-brewed insecticide. In truth, these two volatile oils are usually combined in production of insecticides.

3. Garlic. We all know about the strong smell of garlic but it is widely used by many people as a home-brewed insecticide. There exist several advices including hacking to pieces a head of garlic and apply it directly to the skin (which is rather unpleasant) or taking two ounces of hacked garlic and mixing it into a cup of worm water to make a spray. In addition, if you keep a pre-hacked garlic in the fridge (the type of garlic you can acquire in many grocery stores), it can be mixed into a lotion without fragrance to create insecticide. Garlic is the last desirable of the above mentioned insecticides due to its odour, but at the same time it is the most accessible. And in case of emergency if your choice is very expensive or remains mosquito-free, garlic – is much better than nothing.

Foods that Help to Deal with Mosquitoes, Celery Seed, Garlic, Sage, Rosemary

Foods that help to fight with mosquitoesBites of mosquitoes can be very pruritic.

Deliverance from unwanted insects like mosquitoes can be very painful. Besides the many products which are sold in the shops to fight with mosquitoes, there actually exist some foods that help to fight with mosquitoes. Garlic, celery seed and many others are the foods that help to fight with mosquitoes and can be included into your everyday diet, even if these plants are growing in your orchard in order to make your house dangerous to those nasty vampires.

Celery Seed
Fresh celery seed can be immersed in hot water to make tea.
According to the research of the University of Maryland Medical Center celery seed can function as an insecticide. Celery seed can took dried, fresh or as a supplement form. In addition. The volatile oil from celery seed can be spread on the skin or clothes as an insecticide.

To make a natural insecticide you can mix garlic juice with water.
It is considered that among the foods garlic juice can naturally fight with mosquitoes. Website Eartheasy.com advices for making a natural and safe repellent to mix one cup of garlic juice with five cups of water. This mix should be kept in an empty spray bot and well shaken before each usage. This insecticide can be spread on clothing or skin and lasts between 5 and 6 hours.

Sage oil can be spread on your clothing to fight with mosquitoes.
Sage is one of the herbs that can be used to fight with mosquitoes. Sage herb can be added to food and you can plant it in places where you trying to fight with mosquitoes. Eartheasy.com advices to add sage to your wood charcoal before preparing BBQ and the smell of it fills the places in that you are cooking and eating.

Sage oil can be spread on your clothing to fight with mosquitoes. Make a test, put a small amount of sage oil on an unnoticeable area of skin and than spread it to a larger area of your skin. Qualify a several drops of sage in one cup of water. Fill a spray bottle with this mixture and shake up well before each use.

Rosemary can be spread on your clothing to fight with mosquitoes.
Rosemary is a common condiment, used in cooking, but it is also used in fighting with mosquitoes. In truth, web-site Eartheasy.com advices to add rosemary to your wood charcoal and the scent of it when burning repels insects. Moreover, if rosemary is planted in your garden it will also act as an insecticide.

Volatile oils like rosemary can also be spread on your skin or clothing to repel insects. You have always make a test, put a small amount of volatile oil on an unnoticeable area of skin before spreading it to a larger area of your skin. Qualify rosemary with few drops of volatile oil in one cup of water. Fill a spray bottle with this mixture and shake up well before each use.

Vanilla Extract
Vanilla extract is made of vanilla pods.

Vanilla extract can be used not only for baked goods. It is recommended to mix 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract with 1 cup of filtered water and than to use this mix as a home-brewed insecticide. Mix up two in a spray bot and then spread it to pulse points of yours. If it seems that vanilla insecticide exasperates your skin, add more water to that mixture.

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