True Facts about Mosquitoes, They don’t transmit AIDS

Mosquitoes true factsThe list given below may surprise many, but all these facts are true, and it will probably help you better know your enemy.

- One mosquito female can lay more than 200 eggs at a time, able to survive for over 5 years.

- The only thing mosquitoes need to complete life cycle is water.

- Different species of mosquitoes bite different creatures: while some prefer humans, others bite birds, horses, and even frogs and turtles.

- Their flying speed is 1.5 mph, with wing beats ranging from 300 to 600 times a second.

- Male mosquitoes only feed on nectar. Those who take blood are females.

- These insects don’t live in grass, although adult insects often rest there by day.

- Mosquitoes bear the biggest responsibility for human death than any other creatures.

- They don’t transmit AIDS. – One mosquito takes around 5-millionths of a liter at a time.

- Mosquitoes can carry over pets’ heartworm, a parasite attacking their major arteries and heart.

- So far there’re over 2500 species known all over the globe, 150 of which occur in the US.

- Mosquitoes are able to fly long distances, with some species’ record being 20 miles.

- Although mosquitoes can’t see well, they can zoom in. Still, they won’t see you if you’re farther than 30 feet away.

- However, mosquito can smell well, feeling you exhaling carbon dioxide from 70 feet away.

- Mosquitoes have quite a long life – females live 3 to 100 days, while males only 10 to 20 days.

- Some individuals are more attractive to these insects than others. Although it’s unclear why, the theory is that it depends on the 300-odd chemicals produced by our skin.

More Information about Mosquitoes – Myths about Mosquitoes

Is HIV/AIDS is transmitted by mosquitoes? Do certain plants repulse mosquitoes? Is it true that mosquitoes prefer to suck blood of pregnant women?

The affirmative answer to those questions is only one… Read the myths about mosquitoes below and find out the answer to which question is affirmative one!

· The Purple Martinet eats a huge number of mosquito populations and therefore it is very important in the control process of mosquitoes.
FALSE – Purple Martinet eat mosquitoes but they are fastidious eaters an if is given the opportunity they will coos to feed by a larger insects over the mosquitoes. Researches have shown that only 1% – 3% of the Purple Martinet food consists oа mosquitoes.

· If you want to keep mosquitoes away from your house you have to attract some night bats to your yard because they will feed by mosquitoes.
FALSE – Investigations have shown that while night bats eat a great number of insects, mosquitoes make up a small part of their food.

· You can fight with mosquitoes with the help of electric tools that emit HF sounds.
FALSE – Investigations have concluded that electronic insecticides that emit HF sounds repel mosquitoes or prevent people from their bites. You can make a test of this technique and see if it works but be careful before purchasing of electric devices.

· Devices for electrical stunning repel mosquitoes from the house.
FALSE – While fly swatters kill a lot of insects, including mosquitoes, they will not fight with vermins from your home. Really, investigation has shown in the number of insects, that were killed with the help of electronic devices, only a small number was mosquitoes.

· The citrosa plant and citronella oil insecticides help in keeping mosquitoes away.
FALSE – No investigations have shown that the citrosa plant or any other plant in fact repels mosquitoes enough to make better a human comfort.

· HIV/AIDS can be transmitted through mosquitoes to humans.
FALSE – The HIV that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) can’t survive in a mosquito which means that it cannot be transmitted from one human to another through mosquitoes.

Thus, the only one truth among the abovementioned myths is that the mosquitoes really prefer tu suck the blood of pregnant women to any other person. You ask why? Well, scientists in London suppose that it is so because the body temperature of pregnant women is higher than of the others