Protect Your Pets from Mosquitoes, Pets and Mosquitoes

Protect pets from mosquitoesThe pets may be infected with a parasitic disease called heartworm, which involves a long thin worm living in their heart and blood vessels. The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and affects cats and dogs, although dogs get ill more often than cats.

The heartworm disease may not involve any visible symptoms until after a full calendar year after the moment of infection. Cats and dogs carrying heartworms are usually easily tired; they can cough or appear rough and unthriving, sometimes coughing up worms and blood from ruptured vessels. Finally the animal can suddenly collapse and die because of the blockage of major blood vessels.

This disease can be prevented if using the proper prescription, which can be got from veterinary clinic. Your vet can consult you about preventive medicine and heartworm testing of your pets.

However, you can always reduce your animal’s risk to the heartworm disease by reducing its exposure to mosquitoes by some simple control measures:

- Change your pet’s water dishes every day.

- When going outdoors, your pet can be protected with a mosquito trap.

- Make sure your pets are kept inside at dawn and dusk, which is peak mosquito feeding hours.

- Eliminate all the sources of dead water in the nearby area, where mosquitoes might breed.

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