Flossflowers (Ageratums) – great plant to repel mosquitoes!

Ageratum natural repellentFlossflowers (Ageratums) as garden plants. They are planted for their flowers, especially the Ageratum houstonianum. Many of them are used for bordering and bedding in rock gardens.

Most widespread flossflowers, for instance “Hawaii” when full grown is very short, 6-8 inches. You can find tall flossflowers in seed catalogues, but it is difficult to find them in retail stores. They have blue flowers and height of 18 inches. There also exist a snowcapped variety of medium height, blue flowers and white top. The blue flossflowers are the most popular and common, but there exist the other colours – violet, pink and white. The colour and size of Flossflowers make them a good applicants for flower beds, containers and rock gardens.

Flossflower grows well on partial shade or sun, from early summer to first frost. They are easy to grow and all season long produce a profusion of fluffy flowers. These are the excellent plants for beginner gardeners.

Ageratum is the great plant to repel mosquitoes!

These plants produce coumarin which has the horrible scent that repulses the mosquitoes. Coumarin is widely used in commercial insecticides.

Ageratum – is a great plant for your landscape and its flowers come in pale blue and white.