Calendula Flowers (Pot marigold) – Natural mosquito repellent

Calendula (Pot marigold) mosquito repellentYou are the lucky man if you have these flowers in your orchard. The calendula herb is also known as Pot marigold. Really calendula flowers are the favorite plants in home flower growing.

Their goldish or orange colour brings the bright sunny and utmost feeling in your family hearth. Calendula flowers are very beautiful and also excellent medicinal plants. They can be a cure for livid spots, sore, eczema, dermatitis, piles and burns. Calendula also can be used to remove carbuncles and are very effective for bee stings. It is amazing but you can also eat the calendula.

These flowers are the great cure for ulcer of stomach, menstrual spasms, diseases of liver and oppilation. But certainly before the treatment you have to learn how and to what extent you can make use of this amazing flower.

The smell of calendula – is the greatest thing. Yes. Just so!

That’s why the calendula has to surround your house. Their disagreeable aroma drives away mosquitoes. All that you have to do is to plant calendula in your orchard or backyard.

Also you can increase its ability by planting calendula before your windows and doors. This will help to avoid mosquitoes from entering into your house. You can also use some cut flowers and place them as a decoration of your home. Just put them in vase and show them in any place you like. Place them in places in which you have seen mosquitoes.

You can also put the calendula in your bathroom, where also can enter mosquitoes. Also a good place is kitchen. But if you don’t like the smell of calendula you can simply leave it outside the house. And allow the do their natural effects.