Coleman Insect Head Net review

Product Description

This handy insect head net has dimensions of 3.8*5.9*0.8’’ and is provided with 1-year warranty.

Coleman Insect Head Net reviews

Coleman Insect Head Net reviews

Customer Reviews:

“I bought this net to use it while hiking in the place full of marsh mosquitoes: people said they were arguably the worst in the United States if not the northern hemisphere. However, the net worked like a charm! Besides, it was quite comfortable when wearing for a long time”. (H.J.)

The one I received is a brighter green color and has 2 hoops of wire that hold it open.
I wanted something that packed down small like the photo seems to depict. No way with this thing. But I suppose it would keep the skeeters off you, hence I still gave it a 3. (Merlin)

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