Find USA Hospitals, Help for Mosquito Bites

Once I’ve took my nephew Pete to go with us to Florida for a short vacation. I live near the lake, so mosquitoes in summer is something must-be in my home area. I and my family got used to that bugs and when bitten we do not have any problems – the bites are not painful, no allergic reactions, etc. But when after picnic outside I started washing Pete, I was shocked! His back and legs were covered with huge reddish pimples, he felt terrible itching and couldn’t stop scratching that rash. The red bumps became bigger and bigger, I realized that it was severe allergic reaction, his temperature was high.

I started to think where I could find hospitals in that location to help my poor nephew. He was only four years old, so this should be a pediatric hospital with allergologist and dermatologist. Of course we all were nervous, but my husband offered the right solution – to use Internet, there should be some resources like this one, with big database of hospitals in America. I really appreciate this service for giving me all information I needed to help my little nephew quickly. He felt worse and worse, had even fever due to a lot of bites. That was my fault that I didn’t got any repellents, I just didn’t thought that Pete could have such reaction on bites.

I just googled for hospitals in San Diego and got here. Thank God there were a couple of hospitals for children in a few miles from our villa. We contacted them, and one agreed to take us immediately. I explained the symptoms by phone, the doctor’s assistant said what to do and what not to do until we get to the hospital. So, I was calmed down a little, as a real professional gave some first-need recommendations. This was one of the biggest hospitals in Florida with all we needed. I really think that such services can help, when you are in some unknown location, have no specialists and can do nothing with the problem occurred suddenly, like it was with Pete. This little boy really needed help, and I could do nothing except find hospitals for the poor child.

I am completely satisfied with this service. I was provided the full range of hospitals in Florida, all phone numbers were real. It took me a few minutes to find the suitable department and arrange a consultation with pediatric specialists. I don’t know how it would be without this website. My emergency case required immediate actions – and this resource of hospitals in America was a rescue for my nephew!

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