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Product Description

For over eighty years now, Gardner has been a pioneer in the manufacture of insect light traps for both industrial and commercial
applications. The same efficient insect control technology is currently available for places like bars, as well as the homeowners.

For those who are already tired of annoying flying insects: the FlyWeb insect light was specifically developed for use indoors in both
residential and commercial locations. The device features compact size and direct plug-in, which allows it to be located in any outlet.
This insect light has an insect attracting lamp which lures them to the glueboard. When the adhesive trapping board is full of insects,
all you need to do is to remove, discard and replace it with a new one.

The device is able to lure and capture lots of flying insects, including house flies, fruit flies, face flies, bottle flies, mosquitoes,
moth flies, asian beetles, yellow jackets and many other insects. This light trap is actually attracting flying insects by its
energy-efficient UV light, after which the insects are trapped on the web-like adhesive glue card.

Now everyone can easily plug in this device and trap annoying insects wherever you are – in the kitchen, cafeteria, or motorcoach. The FlyWeb is very compact (3.5*11 inches), and uses a standard 110V plug-in, which is compatible with any outlet. In order to activate the sticking power of the glue card, you need to peel away the protective plastic film and insert the card into the inside slot at the back of the device fixture. Once the card is full, replace it with a fresh card.

 Fly Web Fly Trap reviews

Fly Web Fly Trap reviews

Product Features:

  • easily traps house flies and fruit flies
  • makes no mess
  • user-friendly and efficient
  • uses replaceable glue pads
  • compact

Customer Reviews for FlyWeb Fly Trap

“I’ve two of these devices, one placed in a dark hallway next to an exterior door, and another in the kitchen. The latter does its job
mostly at night, while the former is quite bright in the daytime. In addition, both of them do double-duty at night as night lights.

This thing appeared to be very handy! When taking a closer look at it, it turns out that the web catches lots of pesky little gnats,
fruit flies, and other insects I never even knew I had. I only want to remind the other users that when the sticky board is all covered
with “catches”, you shouldn’t wait to change it.

In addition, since the web uses UV light to attract the insects, it’s better not to be placed in a brightly lit area, and you also need
to replace the light bulb at the start of the season, because its UV output tends to diminish over time, even if it is still lit. Currently I’m thinking of buying another lamp for my garage”.

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