Repelling mosquitoes, Does it really repelling mosquitoes?

Repelling mosquitoes

Repelling mosquitoes

So I should say some tips about repelling mosquitoes. Mosquito Repeller is built on the effect of creating sound with a frequency that mimics the sound buzz and alarm mosquito males, which is intolerable to the female mosquito “halves” during the breeding season. So, this invention is against mosquito “women” ? Yes, because they – bloodsuckers, vampire and do crafts with you on our skin. Sound effects of mosquito repellents is very weak – and in the daytime and evening “cacophony” sounds almost imperceptible to humans.

Technically, mosquito repeller is a generator of sound frequency (the most commonly used frequencies in the range of 4.8 and 7 kHz). Meals in mosquitoes served as a deterrent from household batteries, and from the power adapter (fixed model). Author of the article even saw a mosquito repeller solar powered, it was repelling mosquitoes very good!

Does it really repelling mosquitoes?

Using multiple frequencies the devices that are repelling mosquitoes are trying to expand the spectrum efficiency of the device, since it is no secret that in nature there are more than 200 major groups of mosquitoes. These groups are mainly regional division. There are models with a “floating” rate, or frequency, adjustable manually by the user.

Mosquito Repeller is used as a stand-alone, strengthening even on clothes (miniature wearable repellents, so called “key rings”) and stationary (in different rooms: apartments, cottages, offices).

Appeared a few years ago in our market definition characterizes a fairly wide range of electronic devices designed to deal with these pesky creatures – they are really repelling mosquitoes!

Most of the tools against the mosquitoes have been constructed on the basis of chemically active substances that are either deterred mosquitoes strong odor, or destroy them with insecticides (chemicals that kill insects).

I think no need to explain that such an effect can not affect the rights, especially in an age when our body is greatly weakened by environmental and psychological influences.

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