Sawyer SP657 Permethrin Premium Insect Clothing Repellent 24-Ounce Spray review

Product Description:

This multipurpose product not only repels insects, but also makes you free of mosquitoes, mites, ticks and more than 50 other species of insects. Sawyer Permethrin Insect Clothing Repellent Spray is intended for applying on clothes instead on skin that provides your body with minimum contact with repelling chemicals. It can be used on clothing or tents, depending on your needs. One application provides protection up to 6 washings. After being sprayed on the surface, Permethrin dries, bonding with fabric fibres tightly. It has no smell when dry.

Permethrin has ‘spatial repellence’ action on mosquitoes. The insects may fly around you, but they won’t sit on your clothes or other surfaces covered with Permethrin. In such a way people are protected from bites. It is recommended to intensify protection by using EPA-licensed repellent called Sawyer Microencapsulated Controlled Release 20% DEET applying it on unprotected skin. The joint use of Permethrin and DEET-containing skin repellent creates ‘Insect Repellent System’, maximally efficient for fighting blood sucking insects. If to use it properly, according to EPA registered labels, you are able to get maximum of use from Insect Repellent System, totally protecting yourself from bites. Biting insects are dangerous not only for allergic reactions on their bites, but also for their ability to carry various diseases.

Sawyer SP657 Permethrin Premium Insect Clothing Repellent Spray review

Sawyer SP657 Permethrin Premium Insect Clothing Repellent Spray review

The effectiveness of Insect Repellent System was proved by the results of research made by Carl Schreck, Tom Lillie and A.J. Rahe in 1987 (Alaska): at the rate of 1,100/hr and more the system showed its 99.9% effectiveness. This is the best protection level ever achieved by any insect repellents or traps.

Product Features:

  • Packaging: 24 oz trigger spray
  • Bestseller on Amazon!
  • For applying on clothing, tents or other outdoor gear for repelling blood sucking insects
  • One application is enough for 6 clothing washings
  • Doesn’t smell or leave stains
  • Is not allowed for sale in Catalina Island
  • Effective against more than 50 insect species besides ticks, mites, mosquitoes.

Customer Reviews:

This thing really works fine, fighting mosquitoes and mites even in wildlife conditions. Be careful when applying it on clothes: it is very important to avoid contact with skin as well as breathing it when spraying on any surface. It has a serious toxic effect on cats. I don’t know about other animals, as I have only a cat. Be careful when using it near animals, just keep them away from this repellent. When it is dried, it’s OK, it is practically non-toxic for animals and people, however toxic enough for insects. I am fully satisfied with how it protects me from bites when I go hiking or fishing. If to use it properly, no problems may occur. (Fred Thompson)

This product is a big help for me, as I spend a lot of time in wild woods taking care of animals in reservation. It is easy to use and very convenient, as the clothes repels insects even after a few washes. I’ve tried a few repellents, and this one is 100% winner! (Martin Soul)

Sawyer Permethrin Insect Clothing Repellent Spray on Amazon!

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