Mosquito dietary habits

Female mosquitoes bite because in their organism there is a lack of protein, which is necessary for developing their eggs, and protein is present in our blood.

They use to choose their victims according to smell combination, visual cues and heat. They continue to seek their “meal” until their bellies are full. Female mosquitoes live to about a month and during that time they feed every 2 or 3 nights.

The most common time for feeding is at dawn and dusk and for few hours into dark. Anyway, there exist some particularly aggressive types which feed day and night.

Mosquitoes place blood meals with the help of their antennae to define trace quantities of carbon dioxide produced in human breathe. That carbon dioxide rises in plumes that mosquitoes can feel from hundreds of feet away.

A mosquitoes which seek his victim follows towards the source of a plume. When the victim is close enough, mosquito begins to determine other chemical smells that say about the presence of people. A skin of a man produces more than 340 of these chemical signals, including octenol, which also can be found in the exhalation of cows.

One type of people will smell better to the mosquito than the other, and nobody exactly knows why. Corpulent people and pregnant women attract mosquitoes more then other, that’s because probably they produce more CO2. Cholesterol and folic acid, perfumes, colognes, and lotions also act as attractants for mosquitoes.

The life and behaviour of mosquito also depends on its large compound eyes, created for spotting motion, in order to help guide it in. Two simple eyes of mosquito, which are called ocelli are very photosensitive so because of that mosquitoes react to the bright colours and lights.

In the end, Thermal sensors of the mosquitoes’ antennae and around its mouth determine the heat which comes from the warm-blooded bodies. That allows them to land on a skin and to find capillaries, located closer to the surface.

After that the mosquito transfixes the skin with serrate proboscis which contains two tubes. Through one tube it injects spit that numbs the area of skin and preserves the blood from clotting. Through the other tube mosquito sucks blood into its belly.

The mosquito will drink your blood until the belly is full, takes out the proboscis and fly away. More often a bitten person doesn’t feel the bite until a small allergic reaction which causes itch.