ThermaCELL MR-9C Mini Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent Lantern reviews

Product Description

ThermaCELL offers compact and effective solution to fight mosquitoes in any type of outdoor environment. It can be used everywhere, including the places without electricity. This cordless portable lantern, ThermaCELL MR-9C is heated by butane cartridge, making a repelling mat emitting odourless synthetic repellent that is safe for people and doesn’t spook animals. Such invisible repelling effect is perfect for the full range of outdoor activities, starting from barbeques and finishing with camping, hunting and fishing. The US Department of Defense has approved the effectiveness of ThermaCELL MR-9C unit – it makes 98% of biting insects disappear!

ThermaCELL MR-9C Mini Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent Lantern

ThermaCELL MR-9C reviews

Product Features:

  • 15 ft area of action: no mosquitoes in 15 x 15 ft zone
  • Effective for mosquitoes, no-see-ums and black flies
  • 98% effectiveness
  • Compact and portable cordless solution for outdoor use
  • Easily carried in hands
  • No need to apply to the skin
  • No odour
  • 100% safe: heating without open flame or electricity

Customer Reviews

I took it from my husband’s hunting kit. He always took this ThermaCell lantern when went hunting to the woods, and I heard it helped. This was a summer night, when we needed to arrange an outdoor party for our sons. We live in swamp area that is always full of different bugs, especially in warm season. It is a great place to live in but these insects can spoil everything! Mosquitoes, gnats and tons of other bugs fly around all night long.

When I went outdoors to see my children playing or just to drink a tea, I felt myself like a feeding rack for biting bugs. It was impossible to get rid of them, even when I applied repelling cream on skin, they found the place free of it and bited. I’ve tried lots of products offered on the market and couldn’t find that helped me outdoors. I felt great relief when finally found this product from ThermaCell brand. It helps to get rid of mosquitoes, to clear my backyard perimeter from any biting bugs! I have approximately 10 – 12 ft space. It is far easier to bear than all those citronella candles that have the smell I hate. ThermaCell is unnoticeable when working – no smell, no sound, no danger. My dogs also have no any reaction on it, however we had problems with other repelling items in the past.

My husband chose it for hunting just because it doesn’t influence on the prey – animals don’t recognize this repellent, so no prey will be scared away. No I advise it to all my friends, even bought these lanterns as presents for some of them. It is an excellent present for people who like outdoor activities. We also tested it during our camping vacation. No mosquitoes all week long! It doesn’t give light as a real lantern, but as a repelling item it works perfectly! (Kathleen Reed)

We spend summer in the country cottage near the lake. There are always thousands of bugs around the house, as the lake is near and it is little swampy space. Over a few years of unsuccessful attempts to get rid of mosquitoes I was really happy to find this lantern from ThermaCELL MR 9C. It is the only product that completely removes mosquitoes. It fully justifies its price! (Pete McCarthy)

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