Using Citronella For Protection from Insects

Citronella oil insect repellentHerbals are also effective in fighting mosquito. And one of the most powerful repellents of natural origin is those that contain citronella oil, extracted from lemongrass. It is totally safe for skin when used in correct concentration. Also it can be used warmed up with candles or lamps, its evaporation also scare mosquitoes away.

Here are simple tips of how to use citronella oil for mosquitoes.

Rule #1

To protect your skin from mosquito bites use creams with citronella oil. Such repellents usually contain other herbal oils for better protection, like peppermint or lavender. Do not forget to reuse the cream each hour or half an hour, as it is pointed in the instructions. Herbal oils evaporate and absorbed by the body too fast, that is why it requires more frequent use.

Rule #2

Before using creams with citronella oil on your skin, check its reaction on this repellent by putting a small amount of the cream on skin. For example, you can use the back of the hand. In some cases citronella oil can cause allergic reaction if you body is too sensitive to this element. Natural repellents contain herbals in rather big concentration, so checking is recommended.

Rule #3

You can use lamps and candles with citronella oil on the outside. In such a way the evaporations will frighten the insects off before they get to your house. Also it is helpful during a barbeque or another outdoor party.

Rule #4

You can use a little of citronella oil when bathing or taking a shower. Simply add it to water or on a bath sponge. After such a procedure you will be protected from insect bites for about an hour.

Rule #5

It is possible to make repellent at home if you have lemongrass or lemon thyme growing on your garden. Cut their leaves off, mill them using blender, wring out the oil and use it on skin or for burning with candles. According to studies, lemon thyme provides with 62% of efficiency of DEET repellents .

Rule #6

When coming inside the house, do not hold oils on skin, remove them with the help of water.

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