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Product Name and Description

Looking for a solution to those pesky bugs that love to invade your space? Look no further than the Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito & Fly Zappers/Killer! This hangable mosquito lamp is perfect for home, indoor, outdoor, and patio use. Its powerful bug zapper light is designed to attract mosquitoes and gnats, while the fan inside the trap sucks them in and keeps them in the escape-proof cage. The mosquito zapper is encased in durable ABS plastic, making it safe for both humans and pets.

Triple-Threat Attraction

The triple-threat attraction of the mosquito killer is what sets it apart from other products on the market. Using LED light to lure mosquitoes to the trap, the fan sucks them in and the escape-proof cage ensures they can’t get out. This three-step process is highly effective, making it easier for you to take back your outdoor or indoor space from these annoying insects. All you have to do is keep the mosquito zapper away from people and in a dark place for optimal performance.

Safe for Humans and Pets

One of the best features of the Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito & Fly Zappers/Killer is that it is safe for both humans and pets. Unlike other insect-killing solutions that release bad smells or dangerous fumes, this mosquito zapper is relatively quiet and doesn’t release any toxic substances into your living environment. The shock grid is encased in durable ABS plastic to prevent any potential injuries to pets or children.

Overall, the Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito & Fly Zappers/Killer is a must-have solution to rid your space of those pesky bugs. Its triple-threat attraction, safety, and easy-cleaning design make it a top contender for any home, indoor, outdoor, or patio needs. Keep reading for more in-depth features on what makes this mosquito killer unique and how to get the most out of it.


At first glance, the Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito & Fly Zappers/Killer may seem like just another insect trap, but this device is packed with features that make it stand out from the rest.

Easy to Clean and Operate

One of the best features of this mosquito zapper is its effortless cleaning process. The dead mosquitoes are collected at the bottom of the tray, which can be easily removed and cleaned with a brush or flushed with warm water. This makes it easy to maintain the device and prevent mosquitoes from escaping. We recommend cleaning it once every 2-4 weeks for optimal results.

Completely Silent Noise-Free

The Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito & Fly Zappers/Killer is virtually noiseless, making it perfect for indoor use, especially while sleeping. With a noise level of below 30dB, it won’t disturb your rest. You can now enjoy a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by pesky insects.

Good Shopping Experience

At our shopping experience, we believe in providing our customers with excellent service. That’s why if you have any questions about the product, you can always contact us, and we promise to respond within 24 hours. We want to ensure that you have a pleasant and stress-free shopping experience with us.

Overall, the Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito & Fly Zappers/Killer is an excellent investment for those looking for an efficient and safe way to rid their homes of pesky insects. Its triple-threat attractor system, easy cleaning, and silent operation make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bug Zapper, Electric Mosquito  Fly Zappers/Killer - Insect Attractant Trap Powerful Bug Zapper Light, Hangable Mosquito Lamp for Home, Indoor, Outdoor, Patio (White)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mosquito killer safe for children and pets?

Yes, the mosquito killer is safe for both children and pets. The shock grid is encased in a durable ABS plastic housing, preventing potential injuries. Additionally, the mosquito killer does not release any dangerous fumes or lethal substances into your living environment, making it a safe and effective solution for mosquito and gnat control.

How often should the mosquito killer be cleaned?

It is recommended to clean the mosquito killer once every 2-4 weeks to prevent mosquitoes from escaping. The dead mosquitoes are collected at the bottom of the tray, which can be effortlessly removed for cleaning. Simply twist the bottom tray and clean it with a brush or flush it with warm water for fast and effective cleaning.

Can the mosquito killer be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the mosquito killer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Hang it on your patio, in your bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, hotel, restaurant, or any other location where you need to control mosquito and gnat populations. However, it must be kept out of reach of children and should not be handled or used in the vicinity of sinks or other water storage areas.

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